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Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D is a personal development adviser and a business consultant who provides support and guidance in personal growth and the creation of a meaningful and fulfilling business environment. All information shared is not intended to represent a diagnosis, cure, or treatment for any psychological issue, nor does it replace psychological professional health or medical care.

The information contained on the website, blog or within consulting sessions is not a substitute for a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist, or therapist of any kind. Clients of Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D shall indemnify Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D, in the event of any such claim, including but not limited to any claims made against Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D by any person related or associated with you, the client. Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D has the right to refuse service for any reason.

By agreeing to work with Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D, you confirm you have read and agreed to the statements below and wish to proceed:

  • I understand that working with Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D is not a substitute for professional mental health care, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any psychological or health conditions. I also understand that although Ms. Kirgin is educated in psychology, she is acting as a consultant and not a mental or medical professional.
  • I understand that personal consulting work is an unregulated industry, at the present time. By continuing to work with Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D, I understand that the service is not licensed by any state.
  • I understand that all suggestions and comments offered during consulting sessions are for the soul purpose of assisting me in reaching my goals. I also understand that the work that focuses on my business and my career, does not imply a promised outcome of an increase in performance growth and business success.
  • I understand and agree that I am responsible for my own well being at all times during my work with Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D, and I am aware that all my decisions and choices are my responsibility solely. I understand the information shared in my sessions is not considered to be legal, financial, or actuarial advise.
  • I understand Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D is not in any way a substitute for psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, counseling, and/ or substance abuse treatment. The information shared or expressed in my sessions with Kathleen is intended to be to offer insight and general information with regard to business, health, wellness and professional performance. Any of the information exchanged in my sessions with Kathleen I know I do not have to use in my life and in my work.
  • I understand that any decisions I make in my business and/or personal life, and the consequences thereof, are my responsibility. Under no circumstances can I hold Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D liable for any action I myself take. I agree not hold Kirgin Consulting LLC or Kathleen Kirgin liable for any loss or cost, financial or otherwise, that is a result from any decisions I made based on consulting with Kathleen.
  • I understand all information shared in the consulting sessions is confidential, however, if I state abuse of any kind, or threaten to harm myself or someone else, I understand actions of some kind will be taken and my confidentiality agreement is somewhat limited in these kinds of situations.
  • I understand results are not guaranteed. Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D holds no responsibility for actions , choices, or decisions taken or made by myself, the client.
  • I understand that the use of email, text, Skype, Viber, phone is not always secure, and I accept the risks involved using any cyber and computer technology.
  • I hereby release, waive and forever discharge Ms. Kirgin from any claim, suit, legal action, or right to any compensation for damages that I may claim or that may have come from the Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D sessions. I further declare no agreement, promise, or inducement not expressed in this agreed waiver has been made to me to sign this agreement.

Terms of Use, Accuracy of Information & Privacy Policy

Terms of Use:

By accessing and using this website and by deciding to work with Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and provision of this agreement. In addition, when using the services of Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D, you shall be subject to any posted guidelines or rules applicable to such services, which may be posted and modified from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the Terms of Service.

Accuracy of Information:

This site and Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D are offered for informational purposes only; this site shall not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any information transmitted or made available via the site, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information.

Privacy Policy:

All client details, including information from session, billing data, contact details, and bank information is held in strict confidence and is not shared, sold, given away or traded.


By deciding to work with Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D, you agree to all information stated within this agreement. A copy of this disclaimer will also be emailed to you to be signed once a session is scheduled.

Thank you,
Kathleen Kirgin Ph.D