Individual Consulting

Depth Psychology reveals the often-hidden internal dynamics that relate to our patterns and behaviors. As a depth psychologist…

Leadership Consulting

What constitutes effective leadership today? 21st century leadership has been re-imagined and is no longer framed within a hierarchical…

Community / Cultural Research

My primary research centers on the themes of collective trauma and the healing of cultural transgenerational wounding…

Kathleen is one of those people you come across once in a lifetime; I am incredibly grateful she came into mine. From the moment I started working with Kathleen, I was astounded by how quickly she was able to identify the true source of what was holding me back from advancing my professional career, deeping my personal relationships and making big life decisions. Kathleen’s sharp insights, deep knowledge, clear intuition and sense of humor has been a shining ray of light that has guided me through my most challenging times. If you are looking for a catalyst for personal or leadership transformation, look no further than Kathleen.



Kathleen was highly recommended to me in 2016. Since then, its been my pleasure to highly recommend her. Her commitment and focus to help empower others with their own sense of intuition and authenticity are what makes he an exceptional business consultant and strategist. She understands that the blueprint for success…. Read More

Gretchen Schauffler

Founder of Divine Color and DIP Design Personal

I am continuously amazed by Kathleen and her natural and learned abilities. If you have ever met one of those people that never invest “how to” books, that person is me. I do not pay for someone else to tell me their “system.” Being a leader in Real Estate profession, the systems I refer to are a dime a dozen, and they have never helped me to complete… Read More

Stephen Piscano

Owner of the largest real estate group on LinkedIn

I have known Kathleen Kirgin for over 20 years as a business and personal adviser. Kathleen possesses a rare and unusual talent in her ability to assess situations, revealing underlying weaknesses and potential solutions. Her counsel has been invaluable to me as a business owner. In particular, I found her work invaluable during the economic… Read More

Bob Iwasaki

Tanasacres Nursery Portland, OR

Kathleen has mentored me with difficult relationships, with job opportunities, and several geographic moves. She has a keen knack for tapping into my needs, and what my heart wants above all else. She has been the person I call when I am unsure what direction to take. I highly recommend her mentoring when dealing with life’s challenges… Read More

Erika Bruhn Chico


Kathleen cracked open the shell around my heart, slicing through layers of habit and “ should” and fear to get me to the core of who I am. She has helped me find purpose in my pain. Kathleen has led me to grab a hold of my path with gratitude and sincerity. She balances tough love with compassion, laser-like focus with humor… Read More

Cindy Kaplan

Spoon Foundation Portland , OR