” Our life is psychological, and the purpose of life is to make psyche of it, to find connections between life and soul.”

James Hillman / Re-Visioning Psychology

What is Depth Psychology?

Depth psychology is a field of psychoanalysis pioneered by Carl Jung. This approach highlights the significance of what Jung referred to as the unconscious, a deep layer of the psyche that rests below the surface of conscious reality. According to Jung, within this layer resides not just forgotten or repressed personal memories, but also the accumulative historical realities, beliefs and memories that stem from our cultural and collective experience. Depth psychology examines these hidden layers of the psyche and explores its meaning and influence, and how it effects our life experience.

Depth psychology offers a valuable lens for inner exploration for individuals, leaders and cultures, as we face the complex issues of these times. It acts as a perceptive tool to trace the roots of our challenges, as a means to discover and bring meaning to what motivates our personal behavior as well as what drives the dynamics within our relationships, our organizations, our community and our culture.

Individual Consulting

Depth Psychology reveals the often-hidden internal dynamics that relate to our patterns and behaviors. As a depth psychologist and performance/leadership consultant (I am not a clinician), my work is located in the significance of uncovering what motivates and drives human behavior; much of which remains outside of our conscious awareness. Through our mutual exploration, you will develop a deeper understanding of who you are, examine and heal past wounding, and achieve a more expansive and meaningful life experience.

Reveal, Understand, Revitalize.

My work recognizes that our personal and cultural histories are formative and can contribute to the challenges we face in our lives and in our relationships.

Together, we will bring to the forefront what is not yet fully known, creating an internal spaciousness for new perspectives to take root. Revealing and understanding who we are, empowers, and ultimately revitalizes every aspect of our lives.

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Leadership Consulting

What constitutes effective leadership today? 21st century leadership has been re-imagined and is no longer framed within a hierarchical structure. Leadership is now fluid and circular, inviting inclusivity with a focus on relationship building, equanimity and a collaborative vision. Leaders now require a higher level of emotional intelligence and must be able to authentically connect with others, embody empathy and lead through the lens of integrity and value driven ideas.

Integrity, Empathy, Compassion, Self-Awareness.

Depth psychology offers professionals and leaders a unique approach that allows a tapping into the core of who they are – their strengths as well the often-hidden obstacles and patterns that can hinder their potential and the positive impact they wish to bring to those they lead.

My work accentuates the intuitive side of decision making without dishonoring the analytical skill one needs in our modern business world.

My approach focuses on a growth mindset for leaders – a mental lens that supports internal reflection, self-awareness, and an ongoing desire to better oneself. Depth psychology supports the cultivation of a strong yet agile psyche; ready to take on the complex challenges and exciting opportunities we face today.

Let's Work Together.

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